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Elegy on toy Piano

by: Dean Young

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press (2000)


Staff Pick by comrade: Lindsey

TRUE/FALSE (pg 42) 1. Usually my first answer is correct. 2. I want to break things. 3. I hear voices. 4. I am good at following orders. 5. I like jury duty. ... 72. I am an orphan. 73. I play piano. 74. Zinc. 75. I'd like to improve the etiology of my vocabulary. 76. I wonder what happens to my garbage. ... 91. You can't construct a workable model of the universe using only four dimensions. 92. A baby comes when the mother and father take a shower together. 93. Earthquake preparedness--what a joke. 94. Crop circles are proof. 95. I often have unexplained pains. 96. I've cooked joints. 97. I wet the bed. ...