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Friday, June 23 at 7:00 PM:

Love is Not Enough Book Release

Left Bank Books is releasing its first book of poetry since "More Noise Please" by Steven Jesse Bernstein.

"Love is Not Enough" was written by Frances Gregory. It is a book of poems prepared over the course of the year following the suicide of their mother. The poems are an investigation into the circumstantial and relational dynamics of grief as well as the bloody spectres of patriarchy and generational trauma.

"This is one of the most haunting, brilliant travels into grief I have ever read." -CA Conrad

    "I still want to hang every ex-husband
    boyfriend, father, doctor, lawyer, and stranger at the beach
    that made you feel crazy and unsafe
    from the moon, by their entrails
    as a warning
    I want to smear their blood across my face
    as a beacon that bakes and stinks in the sun
    I want to crush their bones for tea to get strong"
                  -Exerpt from "3-5 Years"

Musical performance by:
wrk shrt (oly)

Readings by:
Frances Gregory (sea/oly)
Willow Sacaan (oly)

This event will start on time.

Left Bank Books is wheelchair accessible. Please try to refrain from wearing scented products.