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Dreamland: The Way Out of Juarez

by: Charles Bowden

Publisher: University of Texas Press (2010)


Staff Pick by comrade: cndr

What commentators and politicians call problems are no more than how these facts manifest themselves. There is no drug problem, there is a drug appetite. There is no immigration problem, there is a flight from poverty and a demand for cheap and docile labor. There is no violence problem. There is simply an economic engine running without lubricant and without much hope of lubricant unless you count blood as a possible source, something our ancestors would simply see as a typical unregulated market. And the Mexican War is actual and it is fought my Americans against Mexicans because such a war is preferable to Americans. The only alternative is to recognize the implications of our appetites and policies and no one wishes to do this. On the border it does not matter who is president or which party is in power. On this border the fact reminds the same, and the death houses remain open for carne asadas.