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Want to Volunteer at Left Bank? Here's how!

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Left Bank Books is always accepting volunteer applications! Volunteer shifts are three hours a week, and give people the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of what it means to collectively run a business while operating in a non-hierarchical and anarchist value system. Our success as a 51-year-old independent project has everything to do with the people who constitute our collective and bring their radical selves to the table; we value independence and self-motivation and hope to encourage and inspire volunteers rather than act as bosses. Left Bank is comprised of a diverse community of radicals who work to challenge all forms of privilege and oppression on an individual and institutional level, and who want to encourage and empower each other as we skill share and grow together.

We’d like to ask people considering a volunteer role at Left Bank to commit to 6 months/3 hours a week, to show up on time, call us in the case of an absence, and participate in our annual retreat and unlearning oppression workshops.

Benefits of being a Volunteer:

  • A 30% discount on books, zines, shirts and stickers, and 20% on magazines
  • Bus fare
  • An opportunity to learn about working collectively

Click here to read about volunteering at Left Bank.

Click here for a copy of the application or pick one up at the store.

Please drop off your completed application in person!