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Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

by: Lundy Bancroft

Publisher: Penguin Press (2002)


Staff Pick by comrade: FG

Many people find abusive relationships difficult to wrap their heads around. People want to know why certain dynamics exist--and if they're toxic, why people stay. Considered a foundational text for many people int he field of domestic violence advocacy. In this book Bankroft explores the often confusing nature of some abusive relationships.

The most interesting pieces to me were the snippets from his life as a counselor for men trying to overcome their reliance on assault to get their needs met, and how he tries that into the relationship between manipulation, and emotional and physical violence. While there could be a tighter analysis around the complexities when race, class, and non-"normative" genders/sexualities are involved, over all this is a great information and alarming read.