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The Ring of Fire Anthology

by: E.T. Russian

Publisher: Left Bank Books (2014)


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Staff Pick by comrade: Eli

This will set yr pants on fire. This zine instantly became one of my favorites ever-- this genderqueer genderfuct amputee is hot, brilliant, and unstoppable. For those of us who are all about queering shit up and being sex-positive, homos and genderqueers. YES.

The Ring of Fire Anthology is a collection of the zine from the late 1990s by ET Russian (aka Hellery Homosex), and features new material never before published. Ring of Fire is honest, engaging, and ahead of its time. Through black and white ink drawings, comics, linoleum block print portraits, essays, interviews and erotica, this collection explores the intersections of art, bodies, healthcare, ability, gender, race, community, class, healing and the politics of work. Alternately emotional and erotic, funny and political, Ring of Fire tells the author's personal story, and captures the work and words of various artists and leaders from disability culture and history. A young activist steeped in the cultures of queer and punk, Russian embraced a cultural identity of disability while writing Ring of Fire. Years later, Russian examines what it means to work in healthcare in the United States.