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The Chukchi Bible

by: Yuri Rytkheu

Publisher: archipelago Press (2000)


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Staff Pick by comrade: BC

Originally published in Russian in 2000, this book was translated into English in 2011. Rytkheu was of the Chukchi people, who have occupied the Easternmost point of the Eurasian continent, straddling the Arctic Circle, for thousands of years. This book is Rytkheu's novelization of the folklore/history of the Chukchi, beginning with their origin story, and moving through their history, including flirtations with pastoral Reindeer herding and interactions with colonizing Russians and Americans, up to Rytkheu's birth in 1930. The book is beautifully written/translated, and oftentimes quite humorous, giving insight into a culture's history that is generally neglected, using storytelling instead of a dry historical telling.