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Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics

by: Gabriel Kuhn

Publisher: PM Press (2010)


Staff Pick by comrade: xBox

It's my opinion that most books on the topic of punk culture are boring and always are centered on unruly hetero white rudeness. All too often the hyper macho/dominate/hyper idolized aspects/traditions/bands get to set the tone and vibe of our shows, and the books that chronicle our scene reflect this unchallenged perspective. Kuhn has worked very hard to document voices from the margins of the sxe scene that have radical critiques of the hardcore scene, the sxe movement, and the intersectionality of chemical dependence/obedience within the radical and activist milieu. State structures objective is to effectively manage people. The cohesive means to implement management of society is through systemic oppression. This is a collection of tactics of attacks on agents of inebriation that work in parallel to systemic oppression. These critiques are described through vegan straight edge-anarchist, queer, feminist, anti-fascist and international perspectives of analysis. These are not interviews with sxe celebrities about how dope the brotherhood is!